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Intro webinar: Basic monitoring with Paessler PRTG

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Getting started with installing and configuring Paessler PRTG

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Getting started with sensors

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Getting started with notifications and maps

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Getting started with virtual infrastructure monitoring

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Scaling Paessler PRTG - best practices

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Getting started with network traffic, bandwidth monitoring and QoS

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Learn the ABCs of network monitoring with PRTG

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Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor - Monitoring large IT environments

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Keeping an eye on your industrial IT with PRTG

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Merging OT and IT with INSYS icom and PRTG

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Infrastructure Monitoring for Healthcare

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Monitoring IoT and IIoT with PRTG

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Monitoring your Remote Work Environment with PRTG

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SLA reporting made easy - with the PRTG SLA plug-in

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UVcentral - Network Mapping, Web UI & PRTG Integration

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Event-triggered diagnosis: NetBrain & Paessler PRTG Integration

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How to leverage PRTG to deliver a better MSP service

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PRTG & Rhebo Industrial Protector - Condition monitoring + cybersecurity for industrial networks

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Monitoring Windows & Windows Sensors

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PRTG in the OT Area

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Learn more about our experts


Heather Pacan

Regional Manager Technical Services Americas

"I have worked in infrastructure for almost 20 years and Paessler allows me the opportunity to assist other system engineers to support and optimize their environment. In my free time, I enjoy Formula One, dancing, cycling and of course lots of family time."


Sunil Linga

Technical Sales Manager
Hyderabad, India

"I have 17+ years of experience in implementing heterogeneous network solutions for large enterprises. Executed many turnkey projects with deep understanding in design and implementing IT security framework. During my free time I enjoy cooking & playing with my young daughter."


Tommy Lok

PreSales Team Paessler Asia Pacific

"At Paessler, I focus on helping customers to transform their IT operations into efficient, highly scalable and fully integrated network and systems performance data organizations. With more than 10 years of experience, I've have covered areas such as IT solution sales, enterprise IT system design, digital transformation and IoT."


Paul Amoah

Presales Engineer United Kingdom

"My time in IT infrastructure and networking extends for almost 15 years, working on a number of large scale networking, WiFi, and IP based CCTV projects. In my roles as a Sysadmin, Project Delivery Engineer, and Services Manager, monitoring has always been a key tool. Outside work I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest tech, going to the gym, coaching youth football, and I’m currently learning German."

Mauricio Zumbado

Sr. Systems Engineer – Americas

“I remember about 17 years ago when I was working as a Technical Engineer in another company, I had a case of a German company that was using a Monitoring tool and I was struck by how simple this tool made things. Today, 17 years later I realize that tool was PRTG. In my professional career I have been in different areas whether technical, customer service but now as part of Paessler it gives me a feeling of satisfaction being able to help people in the IT sector to have a tool that facilitates the admins tasks of a company network infrastructure."


Brian St Jean

PreSales Systems Engineer Americas

“At Paessler, my goal is to bridge the gap between our current and perspective clients and show them how we can help solve their challenges. My 20+ year background has covered remote monitoring, software development, IT infrastructure and networking. I have worked on projects that range from monitoring factories, fleets, and the latest smart cities initiatives. In my free time, I help educate 12-19 year old youth as a Reserve Officer and instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Force.”


Carlos Meoño

Presales Engineer Americas

“During more than 15 years I've been a part of the IT industry, and I have never stumbled upon a monitoring tool as robust and at the same timer user friendly as PRTG. If I've known that before, I'd have recommended it to all of my customers. Today, as part of the Paessler family I feel honored of being able to provide my knowledge to IT colleagues all over the world to make their daily tasks easier somehow.”


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