PRTG Hosted Monitor

Monthly Pricing

Choose the best license type for you and change monthly according to your needs.
If you change your plans, size up and down, at any time – scale with your requirements.


  • Monthly subscription license:
    Scale as you grow, pay as you go!

  • Get started with our trial 
    without an initial investment –
    neither in license cost, nor hardware.

  • Choose the best license type for you 
    and change monthly according to your needs.

Hosted 500


$ 149


per month

500 sensors

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Hosted 1000


$ 249


per month

1,000 sensors

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Hosted 2500


$ 549


per month

2,500 sensors

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best value

Hosted 5000


$ 899


per month

5,000 sensors

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Hosted 10000


$ 1,499


per month

10,000 sensors

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* Offers are for business customers only. All prices are net without VAT.



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Pricing FAQ – PRTG Hosted Monitor


1. Can I purchase PRTG Hosted Monitor for 12 months at a time?

Currently, you can only purchase PRTG Hosted Monitor on a monthly basis.

Main advantage is the flexibility you get. Simply change subscription plans whenever you need more or less sensors.

2. What are the payment methods?

We accept all credit cards.

3. How does billing work for PRTG Hosted Monitor?

Flexibility is key.

This is why PRTG Hosted Monitor is pre-billed monthly based on the subscription plan that you choose. If you subscribe to a plan, your credit card is charged up front with the monthly costs and you can use PRTG Hosted Monitor for one month. You can switch plans at any time. The balance on your account will be credited towards the new price. For example, if you select a new plan that costs half as much as the one you originally chose, you can use PRTG Hosted Monitor for a second month without being billed. If you switch plans during a month, you will be billed in part.

4. How does a subscription differ from a perpetual license?

In comparison to a perpetual license, a PRTG Hosted Monitor subscription will always give you access to the latest updates, which include new features, numerous improvements, and bug fixes.

5. Can I change my account email address?

The main email address of your account can be changed. This can be done on request via an email to [email protected]. Beforehand, you need to create a user with your new email address.

The move involves approximately a 15-minute downtime for your instance.

So, if you are about to start a new subscription, we recommend that you register your license with a generic email address from your team. For example [email protected] or [email protected]

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