The monitoring solution
for all areas of IT

IT has many different areas, each with their own monitoring requirements:
network, infrastructure, hardware and applications are just a few examples.

PRTG has everything you need to monitor all areas of your IT.


Free Download

Unlimited version of PRTG for 30 days. After 30 days, PRTG reverts to a free version.
Or, you can upgrade to a paid license anytime.


Log monitoring

  • Identify weak spots with PRTG
  • Receive prompt alarms from PRTG 
  • Windows Event Log monitoring
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SharePoint monitoring

  • SharePoint servers and applications run according to plan
  • Calculate server workload and performance
  • Automatic alerts in the event of looming malfunctions or...
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Application monitoring

  • PRTG monitors SQL, Exchange & server software
  • PRTG monitors your cloud and virtualized applications 
  • PRTG monitors nearly every standard application
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Backup monitoring

  • PRTG secures cloud and online backups, operating system...
  • With backup monitoring you protect customer and corporate data 
  • Get automatically notified of incorrect backups
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Citrix monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Citrix XenServer hosts and virtual machines
  • PRTG helps to optimize the use of resources 
  • PRTG provides an alarm feature that allows for quick...
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Email server monitoring

  • PRTG checks the availability of mail servers
  • PRTG monitors performance and delivery 
  • PRTG checks the contents of backup emails
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Exchange monitoring

  • Monitor the availability and performance of Exchange Server
  • Ensure the smooth delivery of emails
  • Set up Exchange server monitoring in 3 easy steps
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Hyper-V monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Hyper-V hosts, virtual machines, and...
  • PRTG displays the critical status values of a Hyper-V host 
  • PRTG monitors CPU load and traffic
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IIS monitoring

  • PRTG monitors every aspectof your IIS servers
  • PRTG secures yourweb page performance 
  • IIS Monitoring in PRTGcomes out of the box
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Linux monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Linux-based networks both securely and thoroughly
  • PRTG automatically notifies you when threshold values...
  • PRTG lets you keep a constant eye on network structure,...
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Syslog analyzer

  • PRTG detects loopholes quickly and promptly alerts you...
  • Analyze system messages on one central Syslog server and...
  • Syslog protocols provide a wide range of system information
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VMware monitoring

  • PRTG monitors every detail of your virtual environments
  • PRTG is preconfigured for monitoring all aspects of VMware
  • PRTG has evolved as VMware technology partner for years
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Windows server monitoring

  • PRTG uses WMI, performance counters, and SNMP
  • PRTG monitors CPU, memory, traffic, uptime 
  • Windows event log monitoring 
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Operating system monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Windows
  • PRTG monitors Linux and macOS
  • PRTG uses SNMP, performance counters, and WMI
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File monitoring

  • PRTG monitors individual files
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of changes to files 
  • PRTG helps you analyze file integrity
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XenServer monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Citrix XenServer
  • PRTG monitors hosts and VMs
  • PRTG monitors XenServer backups and log files
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Free syslog server

  • Free syslog server for Windows
  • Capture and analyze syslog messages 
  • Alerts in the event of syslog error messages and incidents
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XenServer monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Citrix XenServer
  • PRTG monitors hosts and VMs
  • PRTG monitors XenServer backups and log files
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Cloud monitoring

  • PRTG offers a quick overview of all cloud services
  • Use PRTG as your cloud management tool 
  • IAAS / SAAS / PAAS - management made for all cloud strategies
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Amazon monitoring

  • A Cloud IT infrastructure requires professional monitoring
  • Use CloudWatch and PRTG to monitor Amazon Web...
  • Link CloudWatch data to monitoring data from your entire IT
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Docker monitoring

  • PRTG comes with ready-to-use Docker sensors – at no extra charge
  • Optimize the availability and performance of Docker containers 
  • Minimize errors during the management/deployment of applications
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Monitoring as a Service

  • All-in-one monitoring – hosted by us
  • Monitor the performance of your network and prevent crashes
  • Setup is quick and straightforward, without the need for...
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Azure monitoring

  • A cloud IT infrastructure requires professional monitoring
  • Keep track of your Azure resources with PRTG
  • Get prompt alerts in case of downtimes or poor performance
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SQL monitoring

  • A comprehensive database monitoring tool
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL 
  • Reduce downtime, optimize performance
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Database monitoring

  • All-in-one database monitoring at a glance
  • Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL & more 
  • Avoid downtimes, optimize performance
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MySQL monitoring

  • Comprehensive monitoring of your MySQL databases
  • All important SQL queries at a glance, at all times 
  • Prompt notifications in the event of errors
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Oracle monitoring

  • PRTG monitors how your data is retrieved
  • PRTG automatically notifies you when database errors occur 
  • PRTG evaluates the performance of your Oracle SQL databases
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Synology monitoring

  • NAS monitoring –monitor file serversand storage capacities
  • Monitor the health of SynologyNAS and the status of...
  • Incorporate all Synologyhardware and softwareinto your monitoring
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SAN monitoring

  • Effectively monitor all storage area networks with one tool
  • Optimize the performance of storage area networks (SANs) 
  • Prevent data loss andhardware malfunctions
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Server monitoring

  • PRTG monitors your mail servers
  • PRTG monitors your web servers 
  • PRTG monitors your database servers
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Server room monitoring

  • PRTG ensures reliable monitoring of server rooms
  • Monitor temperature fluctuations, humidity, and power outages 
  • In case of problems you get automatic alerts
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Cisco monitoring

  • PRTG monitors your Cisco devices out of the box
  • PRTG features special sensors designed just for Cisco devices
  • PRTG integrates other technologies such as SNMP
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Computer monitoring

  • PRTG automatically collects all relevant data of your computers
  • Monitor CPU utilization, operating temperature, memory...
  • PRTG significantly increases the reliability of your system
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CPU usage meter

  • CPU monitoring for servers, computers, and other hardware
  • Prompt overload alerts help you act quickly and minimize risks
  • Record CPU usage over longer periods of time
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CPU monitoring

  • CPU monitoring software for servers, routers, and...
  • PRTG informs you about CPU and server bottlenecks at an...
  • Monitor Windows, Linux, and Mac systems with PRTG
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Data center monitoring

  • Avoid downtimes – get informed before they occur
  • Use resources efficiently 
  • Increase application performance – avoid traffic bottlenecks
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Dell monitoring

  • PRTG offers comprehensive sensors for your Dell hardware...
  • PRTG automatically notifies you when threshold values are reached
  • PRTG provides a constant overview of your hardware...
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Hard drive monitoring

  • Hard disk checker for Windows, Linux, Unix systems
  • PRTG displays all memory capacities on just one dashboard
  • Automatic diagnosis ofyour hard disks
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Fortinet analyzer

  • View all your Fortinet products and enjoy the benefits...
  • Get alerts as soon as your Fortinet solutionidentifies a...
  • Avoid performance bottlenecks
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Hardware monitoring

  • Keep an eye on all your hardware devices in your network
  • CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, Printer, Router, Switches, and more 
  • PRTG alerts you beforehardware errors occur
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HP monitoring

  • Monitoring of all the SNMP-compatible HP devicesin your network
  • HP computers, printers, switches, routers, HPE ProLiant...
  • Automated alarmand reporting functions
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Humidity monitoring

  • Measure humidity levels and protect your hardware
  • Hygrometer sensors sound the alarm before IT problems arise 
  • PRTG measures both internal and external environmental values
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IBM monitoring

  • Monitor all your IBM devicesand servers with PRTG
  • Quick error detectionfor better system health 
  • You get alerted about problemsat an early stage
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Linksys monitoring

  • Monitor all your Linksys devices with PRTG
  • Watch your routers, switches, access points, and also...
  • Quickly recognize potential Linksys device overloads
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Memory monitoring

  • PRTG checksyour memory
  • Scan your Windows, Linux,and Unix systems
  • PRTG alerts you beforerunning out of RAM
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Storage monitoring

  • PRTG monitors all your storage devices
  • Physical disks, logical disks, clustered disks all at a glance
  • PRTG detects storage performance bottlenecks early 
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Switch monitoring

  • PRTG works with all the biggest manufacturers
  • PRTG monitors switch hardware 
  • PRTG monitors traffic
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NAS monitoring

  • Automatic detection and monitoring of NAS devices
  • Prompt diagnosis of memory bottlenecks 
  • Help with fact-based capacity planning
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Printer monitoring

  • Printer monitoring: Paper, toner, and more
  • With PRTG you know the status of every printer
  • Detailed printer error messages at a glance
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UPS monitoring

  • PRTG informs you about the status of your power systems
  • PRTG can monitor your Power Distribution Units (PDU) via SNMP
  • PRTG can monitor your power consumption
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Hardware scanner

  • Know the status of your hardware
  • Be alerted ASAP when your hardware fails 
  • Stay on top of your system health
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SNMP server

  • PRTG uses SNMP to monitor servers
  • Three PRTG sensors for servers
  • Automated alarm included
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CPU temperature monitoring

  • CPU temperature monitoring
  • For servers, routers, and switches
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers
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Cisco router monitoring

  • One monitoring tool for all devices
  • Special sensors for Cisco
  • Monitor traffic with NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, and SNMP
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TP-Link Monitoring

  • Centralized monitoring software
  • Compatible with numerous TP-Link routers and switches
  • Traffic, system health, firmware updates
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Gateway monitoring

  • PRTG displays the operating status of gateways
  • PRTG visualizes data in real-time
  • PRTG supports protocols like JSON and MQTT
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Packet sniffing software

  • PRTG monitors traffic and data packets
  • PRTG filters by IP address
  • PRTG filters by protocol
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jFlow monitoring

  • Identify overload times and potential bottlenecks
  • PRTG ensures bandwidth is used efficiently 
  • Sort and analyze your network traffic by address or application
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sFlow monitoring

  • PRTG works with all sFlow-supported devices
  • PRTG captures sFlow packets and displays the data on a dashboard
  • PRTG sounds the alarm in the event of errors and malfunctions
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Firewall monitoring

  • PRTG monitors your entire inbound/outbound network traffic
  • Receive constant updates about the status of your firewall
  • Automated notifications when network security is in any...
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IP monitoring

  • Professional IP scanning software
  • IP check & ping IP with PRTG 
  • Use PRTG as your IP Sniffer and IP traffic monitor
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IP SLA monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the quality of your VoIP-connections
  • PRTG comes with special sensors for Cisco IP SLA monitoring 
  • PRTG monitors quality of service without expensive hardware
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IPFIX monitoring

  • IPFIX monitoring
  • Built-in alarm
  • Custom IPFIX reports
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Jitter monitoring

  • Monitor network jitter
  • Run jitter tests
  • Keep an eye on VoIP and QoS
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LAN monitoring

  • PRTG monitors your entire LAN and WAN
  • PRTG monitors all LAN devices and servers 
  • PRTG monitors bandwidth, availability, traffic and more
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Wifi monitoring

  • PRTG analyzes every aspect of your wireless networks
  • Devices, load, traffic, availability, signal strengths 
  • PRTG comes all-in. No extra costs. No add-ons necessary.
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Network activity monitor

  • Keep an eye on allyour network activity
  • Monitor bandwidth, databases and network devices 
  • PRTG uses Flow technology, SNMP, and packet sniffing to...
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NetFlow monitoring

  • NetFlow Analyzer PRTG analyzes your bandwidth & traffic
  • PRTG supports all different NetFlow versions 
  • PRTG analyzes all important Flow protocols
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Network diagnosis

  • Speed up the diagnostic and troubleshooting process
  • Sensors for applications, operating systems, and hardware
  • SNMP, NetFlow, Packet Sniffing
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Network discovery tool

  • Find network devices automatically
  • Nonstop network monitoring
  • Cross-locational monitoring
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Network mapping

  • PRTG maps all devices and properties at a glance
  • PRTG creates interactive maps of your network 
  • PRTG alerts you before problems occur
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Network optimization

  • PRTG monitorsbandwidth usage andidentifies bottlenecks
  • PRTG gets to the rootof disruptions andpoor performance
  • PRTG keeps an eye on everything: CPU, RAM, physical...
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Network security monitoring

  • PRTG monitors firewalls
  • PRTG monitors ports 
  • PRTG monitors servers
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Network speed tool

  • PRTG tests and measures network speed
  • PRTG warns when bandwidth is too low 
  • PRTG supports SNMP, Flow, and packet sniffing
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Network traffic monitoring

  • PRTG monitors network traffic
  • PRTG monitors data packets
  • PRTG filters according to IPs, protocols, and data types
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Packet capture tool

  • PRTG monitors data traffic
  • PRTG analyzes data packets 
  • PRTG monitors IP, UDP, and TCP traffic
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Port monitoring

  • PRTG monitors open and closed ports
  • PRTG monitors bandwidth & traffic
  • PRTG monitors connections using UDP and TCP protocols
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Realtime monitoring

  • PRTG monitors all your network components in real time
  • Keep a constant eye on servers, VMs, hardware, and Cloud...
  • PRTG displays monitoring data on an easy-to-read dashboard
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Network utility monitoring

  • Non-stop monitoring
  • Ping, SNMP, DNS,packet sniffing
  • Built-in alarm
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Trace network traffic

  • Network traffic and data packet tracer
  • Packet Sniffing, Flow, SNMP
  • Monitor routers, switches, ports, and servers
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Latency monitoring

  • Keep a constant eye on QoS, including latency
  • Be promptly alerted in the event of latency spikes 
  • Take action immediately
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WAN monitoring

  • Centralized monitoring
  • Agentless software 
  • Alarm feature included
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Internet monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Internet usage
  • PRTG monitors bandwidth 
  • PRTG monitors routers, switches, and other hardware
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Network management

  • PRTG monitors networks, systems, devices, and apps
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of errors and malfunctions 
  • PRTG uses SNMP, WMI, and packet sniffing
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URL monitoring

  • Monitor the response time and reachability of URLs
  • Monitor entire websites or individual elements 
  • Be notified at once by the customizable PRTG alarm
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IP sniffer

  • PRTG filters traffic by IP addresses
  • PRTG displays IP data on custom dashboards 
  • PRTG sounds the alarm in the event of IP anomalies
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Free sniffer

  • Monitor data packets
  • Filter by IP adress
  • Filter by protocol
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IP scanner

  • IP scanner for one-time or regular scans
  • PRTG for network monitoring 
  • Sensors monitor IP range and traffic
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Network fault management

  • PRTG monitors hardware
  • PRTG monitors applications 
  • PRTG monitors network traffic
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Network audit

  • PRTG monitors servers, routers, and switches
  • PRTG monitors bandwidth and traffic 
  • PRTG monitors applications and cloud services
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Response time monitoring

  • Monitor the response times of your servers, websites,...
  • Run long-term analyses and obtain in-depth statistics 
  • Be alerted immediately in the event of drops in performance
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Network troubleshooting

  • Use sensors to narrow down possible causes
  • Avoid problems in the future 
  • Solve network problems in 3 easy steps
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Free server monitor

  • PRTG monitors your servers
  • Monitor server hardware, virtual servers, and applications
  • 100 free sensors for life
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Distributed monitoring with PRTG

  • PRTG monitors distributed IT environments
  • PRTG monitors entire IT infrastructures
  • PRTG comes with a centralized dashboard
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Remote Work Monitoring

  • PRTG helps keep your business running smoothly while...
  • Enjoy full access to PRTG from any remote location
  • PRTG monitors servers, networks, and cloud services
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Enterprise Monitoring

  • Centralized monitoring software for complex IT infrastructures
  • Monitor hardware, applications, traffic, and more
  • Custom upgrades, alerts, and reports
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Network Performance Test

  • PRTG monitors the performance of your network
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of malfunctions
  • PRTG uses ping, SNMP, and Flow technologies
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Network Bandwidth Test

  • Test bandwidth with PRTG
  • Monitor bandwidth consumption 
  • Automatic alarm
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Hospital computer monitoring

  • Computer, system, and service errors can seriously...
  • Prevent downtime by monitoring around the clock with PRTG
  • Stop errors in their tracks
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Virtual machine monitoring

  • Monitor availability and performance
  • Automatic alarm in the event of errors and disruptions
  • Compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and more
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Monitoring systems

  • Monitor routers, servers, ports, and switches
  • Monitor CPU, temperature, RAM, and hard disks
  • Monitor network traffic and applications
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Cisco switch monitoring

  • Cisco switch uptime monitoring
  • Cisco switch traffic monitoring
  • Cisco switch port monitoring
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Netgear monitoring

  • Monitor Netgear routers and switches
  • Uptime, traffic, and more
  • SNMP, sFlow, Syslog
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Bandwidth monitoring

  • Analyze your network bandwidth with PRTG
  • PRTG detects bandwidth overloads 
  • PRTG Bandwidth monitor supports SNMP, WMI, Packet...
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Uptime monitoring

  • Check the uptime of all your servers: FTP server, mail...
  • PRTG monitors yourwebsite availability 
  • Determine causesof crashes
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Server performance monitoring

  • PRTG measures server performance
  • PRTG measures bandwidth and identifies bottlenecks 
  • PRTG keeps an eye on: CPU, RAM, physical and logical...
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Availability monitoring

  • PRTG monitorsserver availability
  • PRTG monitorswebsite availability
  • PRTG monitorsnetwork availability
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Bandwidth management

  • PRTG provides the basis for bandwidth management
  • PRTG monitors bandwidth consumption 
  • PRTG uses SNMP/WMI, packet sniffing, and xFlow
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CDN monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the global distribution of traffic
  • PRTG monitors the response times of your CDN 
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of fluctuations in traffic
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Virtual server monitoring

  • PRTG monitors your virtual servers
  • PRTG provides a precise overview of your entire virtual...
  • PRTG simplifies capacity planning
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Windows performance counter

  • The PRTG Windows Performance Counter locates network bottlenecks
  • PRTG improves the performance of your system and applications
  • PRTG provides information on applications running on...
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Ping monitoring

  • PRTG uses Ping to check the availability of ALL network devices
  • Customizable and PROMPT notifications in case of disruptions 
  • Get a QUICK overview and individualized dashboards
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Performance monitoring

  • Monitor the performance of your entire network
  • Receive a prompt alert if performance levels drop 
  • Identify bottlenecks
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Network usage monitoring

  • PRTG monitors devices, applications, and bandwidth
  • PRTG sounds the alarm when network loads get too high 
  • PRTG comes with a dashboard so you can quickly check the...
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Website load test

  • Monitor your website
  • Keep an eye on load times, processes, and content
  • Be alerted in the event of interruptions and errors
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Threshold monitoring

  • Customizable threshold values
  • Limits for CPU, memory, and more
  • Centralized threshold monitoring
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Free bandwidth monitoring

  • The first 100 sensors are free and never expire
  • Free bandwidth monitoring 
  • Reliable network monitoring
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Response time monitoring

  • Monitor the response times of your servers, websites,...
  • Run long-term analyses and obtain in-depth statistics 
  • Be alerted immediately in the event of drops in performance
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Network Performance Test

  • PRTG monitors the performance of your network
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of malfunctions
  • PRTG uses ping, SNMP, and Flow technologies
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Netgear monitoring

  • Monitor Netgear routers and switches
  • Uptime, traffic, and more
  • SNMP, sFlow, Syslog
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Business Process Monitoring

  • Perfect solution for Business Process Monitoring
  • Fully customizable
  • Central overview with ITOps Board
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SNMP monitoring

  • Find out what applications and servers are using up your...
  • Avoid performance bottlenecks 
  • Deliver better quality of service to your users by being...
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WMI monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Microsoft servers and workstations with WMI
  • Hybrid Windows sensors included using performance...
  • PRTG incorporates other technologies such as SNMP
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SNMP trap receiver

  • PRTG receives thousands of SNMP traps per second
  • PRTG filters SNMP traps automatically
  • PRTG immediately notifies you in the event of critical situations
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Active Directory auditing

  • Regain control of Active Directory audit events
  • Be notified of changes to group memberships 
  • Watch for changes to Service Accounts
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Active Directory monitoring

  • Integrated & flexible Active Directory monitoring tool
  • Receive a prompt alert if performance levels drop 
  • PRTG identifies logged-out users & group membership
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FTP monitoring

  • PRTG effectively monitors the performance of FTP servers
  • PRTG monitors via encrypted and unencrypted server connections 
  • Count files, measure response time, report problems
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SSH monitoring

  • Use SSH monitoring to keep an eye on Unix-based systems
  • Test dedicated Linux or macOS servers for availability...
  • Enjoy secure SSH monitoring thanks to an encrypted connection
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SSL monitoring

  • PRTG uses SSL and TLS protocols to check devices
  • PRTG monitoring data can be accessed via SSL
  • Individual SSL certificates can be imported
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Update patch monitoring

  • PRTG monitors Windows patches & updates in your network
  • PRTG notifies you in the event of faulty or incomplete updates
  • PRTG provides an overview via a centralized dashboard
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VoIP monitoring

  • QoS Monitoring & IP SLA Monitoring. All in one.
  • PRTG monitors the VoIP quality and runs VoIP latency tests 
  • PRTG alerts you before phone errors occur
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VPN monitoring

  • Monitor VPN connections and the local network
  • Measure traffic, load, and the number of users 
  • Identify connection problems and suspicious traffic
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Webserver monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the availability of your web servers
  • PRTG monitors CPU, memory, and web server performance
  • PRTG monitors your website and its load times
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Website monitoring

  • PRTG monitors availability
  • PRTG monitors load times 
  • PRTG monitors processes
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MIB browser

  • Free MIB Browser and MIB importer
  • Import and convert MIB files
  • Select all or individual OIDs
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SNMP port analyzer

  • Individual portbandwidth monitoring
  • Portnotification 
  • Avoid portexhaustion with PRTG
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REST API monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the availability of RESTful APIs
  • PRTG displays values from XML and JSON files
  • PRTG displays up to 50 parameters per sensor
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QOS monitoring

  • QoS monitoring included
  • Cisco monitoring included 
  • Alarm system included
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Windows service monitoring

  • Ensure your critical Windows services are running
  • Take automated action when your Windows services stop 
  • Be notified when there is a disruption of services
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NTP monitoring

  • PRTG monitorsyour NTP Servers
  • Identify sources of errors more quickly with NTP Monitoring 
  • Our dashboard lets youkeep an eye on everything
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Remote monitoring

  • Unified monitoring – one tool to monitor all your infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring out of the box 
  • 24/7 monitoring of your remote and local networks
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Router monitoring

  • Check bandwidth consumption, network traffic, error...
  • Router monitoring via SNMP, Packet Sniffer, NetFlow/sflow/jFlow 
  • PRTG detects and monitors suspicious traffic in your...
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DNS monitoring

  • PRTG checks the availability and performance of your DNS...
  • PRTG provides comprehensive statistics on DNS servers
  • PRTG immediately notifies you in the event of downtime,...
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DHCP monitoring

  • Ensure the DHCP Server service is running
  • Check that DHCP is allocating addresses
  • Check the response time of your DHCP Servers
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MOS monitoring

  • Monitor your Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Monitor jitter, packet loss, and latency
  • QoS monitoring for VoIP
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  • Centralized SAP monitoring and automated monitoring
  • Prompt alert in the event of malfunctions
  • Preconfigured SAP sensors
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PRTG on Linux

  • PRTG Desktop is compatible with Linux
  • Keep an eye on several PRTG servers at once
  • PRTG Hosted Monitor is ideal for 100% Linux networks
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PRTG Enterprise Monitor vs. SolarWinds

  • One tool with full functionality and all features...
  • No more complicated software with cumbersome operation:...
  • Quick setup and little hardware and software requirements
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Monitoring systems

  • Monitor routers, servers, ports, and switches
  • Monitor CPU, temperature, RAM, and hard disks
  • Monitor network traffic and applications
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Monitoring Modbus TCP Data

  • Availability and status of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Power consumption metrics like usage, capacity, voltage,...
  • Data from Modbus devices like device temperature and...
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Custom network diagram

  • Visualize and keep track of every important detail
  • PRTG network diagrams are easy to edit
  • Your business infrastructure at a glance
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MSP Offering

  • Centralized and intuitive network monitoring
  • Permissions management for increased data security
  • Reports feature for your customers
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  • PRTG all-in-one web service monitoring tool
  • 24/7 monitoring of all web services
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of performance
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Network Monitoring Software - Version (December 1st, 2021)


Download for Windows and cloud-based version PRTG Hosted Monitor available


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Up to 100 sensors for free (Price List)

Unified Monitoring

Network devices, bandwidth, servers, applications, virtual environments, remote systems, IoT, and more

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